Logomats are exclusive dirt protection floormats with drawing or logotype.

Logomats combine advetisement function and great dirt protection capabilities.

Areas of use

  • Entrance groups
  • Stores
  • Offices
  • Doorways
  • Apartment halls
Entrance group logomat
Entrance group logomat - TEXPRO

The drawings are manufactured by multicolor print on Chromojet machinery. 76 DPI prints allow printing both drawinds and texts, resulting in a high-quality information embedding and great floormat view.

Nonstandard dimensions are possible - up to 190x600 cm, TEXPRO also performs figure cutting by customer request for perfect fit in the compartment.

Print durability

For prints, high-quality "made in Europe" paints are being used. Polyamide prints are durable due to high penetration of colorant into threads structure. High durability of polyamide itself leads to high mechanical durability of the print and also to high color stability and ability to retain exact color over years of use.

TEXPRO logomats are able to be used in environment from -20°С до +40°С, without any quality loss.

Color-printed floormats do not have color loss during wet cleaning and during industrial cleaning (standard restrictions apply).

Minimal logomat life time is 3 years - if operating rules are met.

Sport logomat
Sport logomat - TEXPRO

Technical information

Tufting100% polyamide (PA)
cut thread, 6 mm height
Backing100% rubber, 1-2 mm
Tufting weight0,67 kg/sq.m.
Overall weight2,7 kg/sq.m.
Overall height8 mm
Standard dimensions60х85 cm
85х120 cm
85x150 cm
115x180 cm
115x200 cm
Print resolution76 DPI
Hotel entrance group logomat
Hotel entrance group logomat

Order information

Ordering from 1 piece.

Nonstandard dimensions are available.

Up to 15,000 sq.m. production capabilities.

Orders from 100 sq.m. are discounted.

Variety of shipping methods.

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