About us

TEXPRO™ Group produces professional floor mats since 2008. TEXPRO performs full production cycle line, including tufting machinery, professional color printing line, TPE production line and press-vulcanizer for high-quality rubber-coated floormats.

In 2017, TEXPRO™ Group launched high-quality 76 DPI photoprint machine to satisfy customers' high need in photographic quality floormats color print.

The machine allows to produce custom design floormats with a variety of applications in home design, commercial buildings, restaurants, exhibitions.


  • Professional tufted protection floormats for matservice business
  • Roll dirt-protection floormats on polymer base
  • Logomats - custom individual design floormats
  • High-quality 76 DPI full-color digital print on floormats

Reasons to make a choice

  • High-quality photorealistic prints
  • Full production cycle
  • Any amount to order, starting from 1 square meter
  • Direct contact
  • Exclusive custom floormats based on Client's drawing
  • An ability to customize the design during the manufacturing process
  • Variety of materials to be used (different types of velour and tufting)
  • High production capabilities

Production cycle

The cycle is performed entirely in TEXPRO facility and includes:
  • design
  • tufting production
  • coloring, logo prints, full color prints, photoquality prints
  • putting on TPE base
  • press-vulcanizing rubber-backed floormats
  • floormat cutting, including curve cutting
  • quality control
  • floormat marking and packing

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