Order technical requirements

Files Format
We use vector and raster PDF, AI, PSB, TIFF formats. Please do not skip external files if used in design file.
We use recent Adobe Photoshop и Adobe Illustrator for design pre-processing.

Design Dimensions and Resolution
Minimally acceptable resolution is 100% DPI @ 100% file scale (200 DPI @ 50% file scale).
There’s no need to reduce higher resolutions for reasonable design file size.

Use RGB colors instead of CMYK, with base black color of RGB (0,0,0).
Please take into account that actual printed colors may vary from calibrated display colors.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Please let us know, if want to use precise PANTONE colors.

Processing Lines and Letters
Minimal lines width @ 100% scale is 3 mm. Thinner lines are not recommended because of print distortion.
For best results, use contrast colors of text and background.

Minimal letter size is 20×20 mm, with minimal letter line width of 4 mm and minimal distance between letters of 4 mm;
Following those requirements guarantees letters won’t be warped or distorted, and won’t merge with background colors.

Please let us know if you need more precise guidelines.

Design File modifications
We can modify design files by your request. Please let us know if modifications are required through Order form.

Design Files Delivery
Use Order page for both questions and files delivery.
Please use actual contact information for quickest order processing.